Organization Membership

Join today and be recognized as a global leader in supporting security, privacy and cyber safety. Our membership packages start at $1,000.00 dollars, and go up to $10,000.00 dollars, and are based upon your company/organizations annual revenue.

Organization Membership Packages

$1,000 USD

for under $10M revenue

$5,000 USD

for under $500M revenue

$10,000 USD

for over $500M revenue

For more information on membership packages please contact AJ Khan at

Perk Description Small Business Medium Business Large Business
Quarterly Newsletter Access to the monthly newsletter with the latest in Mobility Cybersecurity. check check check
Additional Cyber Reports Access to Mobility Cybersecurity reports. check check check
Report Input Add to report content and contribute to GSMC reports. check check check
Contacts list Electronic list of GSMC members/corporate members (not including those who have opted out). check check check
Job Postings Add job postings on GSMC Careers page. 1 5 10
Academic Connection Gain access to academic institution connections/ new-grad job scouting. check check check
GSMC Logo Representation Have logo featured on GSMC website. check check check
GSMC Report Representation Have logo featured on GSMC reports. check check check
Who’s Who Priority Greater chance of being featured on the Mobility Cybersecurity Who’s Who list check check check
Corporate Profile Have corporate profile featured on GSMC website (with link). check check check
Social Media Be promoted on social media (LinkedIn posts). 1/year 2/year 3/year
Executive Spotlight Have CEO or another executive featured on GSMC website. check check check
Event Discounts Reduced prices on alternative GSMC events. Varies Varies Varies
Webinars/workshops Free invitation to online webinars. check check check
Individual memberships Individual memberships for employees. 1 3 5
Membership Certificate Certification of GSMC corporate membership. check check check
GSMC Membership Logo Allowance to use GSMC membership logo. check check check
News Releases Allowance to create news releases to be posted on the GSMC website. 1/year 1/year 1/year
Newsletter Content Invitation to add to quarterly newsletter content. check check check

The Global Syndicate for Mobility Cybersecurity (GSMC) is an independent and impartial organization focused on advancing all forms of cybersecurity, for mobility.